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Cardiovascular engineering


About Us

cardiovascular engineering

Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases are two of the biggest killers globally, and place a major burden on our healthcare systems. With mortality from these conditions expected to rise exponentially over the coming years, it is essential that new technology, clinical techniques and systems are developed to detect, monitor, treat and prevent cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

The CREATElab (Cardio-Respiratory Engineering And TEchnology laboratory) is a collaborative research space linking medical professionals with engineers to develop novel solutions for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Formed from a collaboration between Monash University, Alfred Health and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, the CREATElab is an ideal platform to address clinically-relevant problems through engineering solutions.

To achieve our goal of improving outcomes for patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, we have assembled a team of:​

Cardiovascular engineering


  • medical

  • mechanical

  • electronics

  • mechatronics

  • chemical

  • information technology

  • industrial design

  • software

Cardiovascular engineering


  • cardiology

  • cardiothoracic surgery

  • intensive care

  • emergency medicine

  • anaesthesiology

  • radiology

  • nursing

Cardiovascular engineering


  • haematology

  • tissue integration

  • microbiology

  • data-science and AI

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